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R.V. Thomas got his start as an Arizona tenants' attorney.  Fresh out of law school, he decided to open his own office rather than work for a traditional firm.  His goal was to quickly advance up the ladder of courtroom experience by representing clients, such as Arizona tenants, who had cases that would quickly get to trial.  After learning the rules, laws, and previous court rulings that pertain to Arizona tenants, Mr. Thomas began seeking work as a tenant's attorney.  There was no shortage of tenant representation work.  Mr. Thomas found desperate Arizona tenants everywhere he looked -- people who were being taken advantage of by landlords who had grown very bold and brazen after years of winning case after case against unrepresented tenants. 

Most tenants cannot afford their own attorney, so they often get slammed by the system. Often, the case is over so quickly that the poor tenant didn't even know it started.  Go to your local justice court and watch some of the court hearing.  You will be outraged at how cruel the system can be to tenants.  They lose their homes, they get kicked out on the streets, and lose their dignity simply because they did not know how to find a tenant's attorney or could not afford one.

In order to be very effective as a tenant's attorney, Mr. Thomas believes that the attorney should have experience representing landlords as well.  Mr. Thomas represented landlords in order to learn the tricks of the trade from the landlord's advocate point of view.  As a result of his experience representing landlords, Mr. Thomas quickly anticipates the strategies the landlord's attorney will employ in any given situation.

R.V. Thomas passed the Arizona bar exam in 1996.  His score was high enough that he waived into the District of Columbia Bar without having to take their exam.  R.V. Thomas then took and passed two more bar exams, first in Massachusetts in 1999, and then in Maryland in 2000.  (Neither of those states has "waive-in" options as did Washington, D.C.) Mr. Thomas represented tenants in other jurisidictions for a short period of time and the comparative experience helped broaden his approach to litigating tenant disputes.

R.V. Thomas could not represent tenants exclusively for very long, due to their inability to afford his services.  Whereas for the first few years when he was working his way up the litigation ranks he could charge ridiculously low rates that benefited the tenant (who could not have afforded his services otherwise) and himself (he was getting invaluable trial and litigation experience), he eventually had to charge a reasonable rate so that he could operate at a profit and afford to provide for his family.  Although the cost of representation is not cheap, it is still affordable and if at all possible it is almost always a wise decision to have Mr. Thomas by your side in court.  

R.V. Thomas has appeared as a guest expert on tenant laws on local radio, has been contacted by Forbes Magazine, and has collaborated with tenant's advocates from other states.  Mr. Thomas is knowledgeable, skilled, and creative when it comes to getting you out of your legal bind or helping you battle a stubborn landlord who refuses to play fair. Call us today so you can meet personally with Mr. Thomas and find out what your rights are and how you can protect them!