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If you are looking for an Arizona tenant attorney who can help you fight off a landlord in Arizona who is doing you wrong, you've come to the right place. Most tenants are in deep distress when they come to our office, often with an eviction hearing only days away.  We can help. 

Arizona tenants are often at a severe disadvantage in court partly because they are unfamiliar with the legal system and are caught off guard by the speed of the process.  They may have moved here from other states with much longer eviction procedures than does Arizona, and those states may have stronger safeguards in place to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords.  Not in Arizona!  Welcome to the Wild West.  Although there are some protections in place for Arizonans, and Arizona does generally follow the uniform law that was designed for most states to implement, the laws in Arizona tend to be less tenant-friendly than are available in many other states.  It is important to call our office immediately so that you can obtain legal advice and representation about how to legally fight your landlord in Arizona.  Your landlord is probably well represented, and you should be, too!  

The fastest way to reach us is by calling us at 602-788-1395.  Alternatively, you may reach us via email at ron@arizonatenantattorney.com.  However, please do not ask us questions about your case by email, as we will only answer general or specific legal questions during the actual consultation.  In emergency cases or when time is limited, or if you reside outside the Maricopa County area, we may be able to conduct the consultation over the telephone.  We will provide detailed information about how what is required for a telephone consultation.

The cost of our services is affordable although not necessarily cheap. You should be wary of anyone who quotes you too-good-to-be-true prices.  Our initial consultation fee is $150 for a half hour (although we often go beyond 30 minutes, at no additional cost). Subsequent representation is at the hourly rate of $350, with an appropriate advance deposit that will vary from case to case but which typically begins at $1,500.  We accept payment by debit card, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), cash, or certified check, but no personal or business checks. 

Mr. Thomas has substantial experience advising tenants and is well qualified to assist residential and commercial tenants in Arizona cases ranging from the simplest case to the most complex one, whether in justice court, superior court, or federal court.  Arizona tenants should expect experienced, methodical, zealous representation at an affordable rate. 

For more information about Mr. Thomas, the laws in Arizona as they pertain to tenants, and other valuable information about our services, please check elsewhere on this site by clicking on the relevant links to the left of this page.